THE No Holes Required non-pierced earrings alternative. Anatomically designed to fit the curvature or your ear. For both pierced and non-pierced ears. COMFORTABLE! Easy to put on. Adjustable. They rest on your inner ear ridge, which supports the weight. You hardly notice that you’re wearing them! No pressure or tugging on your lobes. The drops detach. Tops are required for the drops to attach to. Sold in pairs of either tops or drops. The average earlobe is 3/4” long. Email us if you have any questions concerning fit and our recommendations.

The ones that started it all! Classics hug your ears like hoop earrings. Most designs have straight edges and fit short and medium earlobes best, except the Styx which curve into the face and fit most earlobes.


Earloops all start as a medium, which the majority of earlobes are.

Some can be adjusted to fit 3 sizes. Email us for recommendations:

SHORT/size 3  ----  1/2”

MEDIUM/size 4  ----  3/4”

LONG/size 5  ----  7/8”

Measure lobe


After fitting our Classics Earloops on many happy customers we noted the Styx style fit the most people best! So we designed our next series on that shape. Curves feature contoured edges, tucking into your face. Fits most.

The Borders style builds on the past two shapes by elongating the fit a bit more, which creates a more “tucked-in” look. The styles are soft and more organic. These fit most lobes and is the style best for long. We also now write “right” and ”left” inside for wearing ease.

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Click on Classics, Curves or Borders to see the many styles in each collection.

Base price $149 per pair of tops or drops.

Download a PDF of the brochureecurves.html